Florida Turnpike is committed to creating a safe environment for all motorists passing through it. As proof of its commitment to safety, Florida Turnpike is investing $40 million in safety-related initiatives including:

  1. Additional Law Enforcement – Florida Highway Patrol’s Troop K, the dedicated troop of officers for Florida Turnpike, added new crash investigation officers and increased patrols along Florida Turnpike and at service plazas.
  2. Holiday Motorist Safety Breaks – During specified holidays, restaurants at the eight 24-hour service plazas along Florida Turnpike will offer free coffee for all motorists to wear their safety belts.
  3. Incident Management and Quick Clear Policy – Florida Turnpike is offering tow operators contract incentives to clear crash scenes quicker. The new policy also maximizes the effectiveness of Traffic Management Centers and advanced computer technology for accident clearance. Their goal is to clear all accidents within 90 minutes.
  4. Public Outreach and Education – Florida Turnpike offers a periodic motorist safety awareness events at service plazas, such as child car seat safety checks. Florida Turnpike also has installed humorous signs on remote sections of the roadway to help improve driver alertness.